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Ernst & Young meets SABIC

Teaming with SABIC

We know that people make the difference. That is why we have chosen a team of professionals to work not only for you, but more importantly with you. With Ernst & Young, SABIC will get full access to a team of professionals with an optimal blend of seniority and expertise. We have set up an international team with professionals in all countries where you do business while our coordinating offices in KSA and The Netherlands are located close to your global and regional headquarters. We work closely with your teams around the world to ensure a fully integrated approach with consistent quality worldwide.

More than just an experienced team
We understand the importance to SABIC of having a service provider that goes beyond offering the service you would typically get. SABIC is looking for a partnership. This is a perfect match to our vision how we prefer to work with our clients. For us it means that we not only take responsibility for the services we provide, but more importantly, our local and global teams take ownership for making the entire relationship work. For Ernst & Young partnership goes beyond a job description. 

We strive for continuity in our service team by selecting people who have shown to be committed to our firm. However, should a possible future change of a team member be needed, we will discuss this matter openly and timely with SABIC management and will introduce the candidate team member to you before the current team member leaves. Furthermore our global structure enables us to replace teams or team members where needed. This will ensure that consistency and quality will be maintained at all times.

Our people
As our people will make the difference we invest in our people. All Ernst & Young employees have permanent education via our Ernst & Young University, to ensure they are fully equipped to add value to our partnership with you.
Last but not least we believe that working together should be enjoyable. That goes for working in our partnership as well as working for Ernst & Young. We therefore invest in building our team. A solid team can make things happen.

On this EYmeetsSABIC-website you will find contact details of the people that have been selected to work together with you. Furthermore we provide insights on what teaming means to us.

Please enjoy using this website to find and contact our professionals worldwide whenever needed. Any feedback to improve this website will be highly appreciated. Please click here for feedback. 

Our values

People who demonstrate integrity, respect, and teaming

People with energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to lead

People who build relationships based on doing the right thing